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Water Is-pBook COVERInternationally published author, teacher and limnologist Nina Munteanu explores one of the most important substances of Earth. Nina Munteanu’s Water Is…” represents the culmination of over twenty-five years of dedication as limnologist and aquatic ecologist in the study of water. As a research scientist and environmental consultant, Nina studied water’s role in energizing and maintaining the biomes, ecosystems, and communities of our precious planet. During her consulting career for industry and government, Nina discovered a great disparity between humanity’s use, appreciation and understanding of water. This set in motion a quest to further explore our most incredible yet largely misunderstood and undervalued substance. Part history, part science and part philosophy and spirituality, Water Is…” combines personal journey with scientific discovery that explores water’s many “identities” and ultimately our own.

Praise for “Water Is…

We can’t live without it, so maybe we should start respecting it; this beautifully designed book by a limnologist looks at water from 12 different angles, from life and motion and vibration to beauty and prayer”
MARGARET ATWOOD, German literary Peace Prize winner and author of The Handmaid’s Tale, Canada

What an astounding journey! The author uniquely combines the merits of a scientist with those of a writer with an artistic spirit. It is a joy to be taken by the insightful and elegantly written chapters to so many and so different scientists, philosophers, writers, artists and pioneers of wisdom such as Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, or Paul Feyerabend, who declared war on the dogma of the scientific method.”
MICHAEL JACOBI, physicist, Institute of Flow Sciences Herrischried, Germany

Kudus to Nina Munteanu for sharing her deep wisdom, experience and knowledge of humanity’s greatest natural resource!  As Leonardo da Vinci said, “We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.” We forget at our own peril and so I am deeply grateful for this book by so highly qualified an author!”
ELISABET SAHTOURIS, evolution biologist, futurist, author of Gaia’s Dance: The story of Earth & Us

“This book leaves me impressed. From science to science fiction, from philosophy to religion, from history to fairytale, the role of water is illustrated and illuminated. Water is probably the best investigated and least understood substance on this world, yet we still don’t know how to describe it in a better way than calling it H2O. This book tries to zero in on the missing part, the great unknown of water, and it does it in a very intelligent and charming way.”
ELMAR C. FUCHS, scientist, WETSUS Program Manager, Netherlands

“An adventurous, surprising and inspiring book that could not feel more timely. The writing swept me away on a journey through history, landscape and our entire universe, yet brought me back home in the end with a fresh perspective on the significance of water.”
EMMI ITÄRANTA, author of Memory of Water

“A sumptuous collection of treasures…from the basics of matter itself to the social and spiritual aspects of this substance, which touches our lives so much and is still not really understood.”
DR. B. KRÖPLIN and Regine C. Henschel, scientists, World in a Drop, Germany

Water Is… a treasure trove of insights. How wonderful to see water from so many different perspectives in one very enjoyable book! I will be dipping in for many years to come.”
—TRISTAN GOOLEY, New York Times bestselling author of How to Read Water

“If you don’t want to read all those other books on water, just read this one.”
—JOHN STEWART, Mississauga News, Ontario, Canada

“[Nina] is immersed well enough in water to tell us about how we should think about it. And the way she goes about it in this book is awfully good…A fine achievement.”
—JOSEPH PLANTA, The Commentary, Vancouver, Canada

“This book emotionally connected me with water. As a result it fed my perception about the value of life. It reminded me that life reveals in each space a complex system that is full of surprise and beauty. A system of which I am part, without separation.”
—LAURA FRES, One Deep Sustainability, Barcelona, Spain

“Wow, just wow. I have no idea where to begin to describe all that I have read and learned from this 583 page book on water. I believe this book should be a must read for all the younger generations. I thank the author for sharing her knowledge and her personal journey.”
—IVANA CIGLAR, Croatia (Goodreads Review)

“An absolutely fascinating read. With ‘Water Is…’ Munteanu digs deeply into our world to show us the depths of our greatest treasure. Her book gleams with chapter gems, reminding us how water affects us in every way. It’s almost as if reading this book becomes an incantation that magically links us to our past, present and future all at once. Because we are water, as Munteanu says, and without embracing that we’ll never understand the precious legacy of this earth. As both a scientist and a popular writer, Munteanu is determined to make us understand and embrace our intricate and intertwined natures, and she does this with an entertaining and fascinating read. The world needs more books like this.”
—CRAIG BOWLSBY, author of Empire of Ice

“’Water Is…‘ provides amazing insights into our most valuable element. As you read it your own relationship with water begins to transform… The depths and beauty of “Water Is..” are reminiscent of a waterfall, layers and layers of information unfolding and presented in a captivating way. Thank you Nina for introducing me to the majestic power of water. Your book is a wonderful resource for anyone that has a thirst to know more about water. A refreshing read!”
—SUSAN KSIEZOPOLSKI, author of The Writer’s Workbook: Free the Writer Within

“When Margaret Atwood recommends a book, you pay attention…A timely treatise that answers any question you may have had about water, from its properties to its potential, from its tangible uses to its abstract benefits  Water is … is an in-depth, compelling and passionate study of water, the world’s life’s blood. Though not a typical read for me, Water is … stirred my emotions and has made me a better steward of this precious resource.”
—JP McLEAN, author of The Gift Legacy

“Timely and important discussion. ‘Water Is…‘ makes it clear in a variety of ways the importance of water as a resource, with insights far beyond what the average person would consider…This is an excellent resource as a social studies teacher and a science fiction writer, and enjoyable as a reader.”
—BRANDON CRILLY, Ottawa writer / teacher

“Masterful exploration of water from the scientific to the philosophical. Nina Munteanu’s “Water Is…” is a magnum opus. A limnologist (water scientist) by trade, as well as a scuff author, Munteanu has a deep, intimate relationship with her subject…Munteanu points out [that] water is ubiquitous on the planet, as well as throughout the universe, playing a roll in everything from the formation of stars on the macro-scale, to the formation of proteins on the micro-scale….From the scientific to the philosophical, taking a deep dive into Nina Munteanu’s “Water Is…” will give you much to ponder.”
—GREG RIPLEY, author of Tao of Sustainability and Voice of the Elders

“Nina Munteanu offers wonderful analyses from minutia like the construction of a single drop to the way whirlpools and eddies form of a river and more macro issues like the relationship between the ‘stable chaos’ of turbulence and quantum physics.  ‘Water Is…’ provides delightful explanations of things you thought you knew…”
—ANNIS PRATT, author of Infinite Games

“After reading “Water is” I will never think of water the same way. Water is an essential element of life and so much more. Throughout the book the author takes us on a journey of Water with eloquence and allure. I highly recommend this book not only to Water enthusiasts but to each and every citizen of our planet. This book is factual, artistic, and poetic with beautiful photographs that will inspire and educate any reader. Water is….”
—SONJA VIDOVIK, Canada (Amazon Review)

“A must read. Water is our consciousness, our memory. Nina Munteanu reveals some of the hidden meaning of what water really is.”
Amazon Review

“Water Is…Us. This is one of the most beautiful books I ever read. I also love water, always loved it and always will. Thank you, Nina Munteanu. Water Is…Us.”
—ANNA DEAC, Amazon Review

Water Is-pBook COVERPublished by Pixl Press
ISBN: 978-0-9811012-4-8 (print);
978-0-9811012-5-5 (digital)
Trade Paperback/Digital 584p + Index, Bibliography
Now Amazon #1 Bestseller and top recommended 2016 book by Margaret Atwood in New York Times

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