Excerpt from “Water Is…”

Crater Lake gambit

Crater Lake, California (photo by Nina Munteanu)

“A Common Mystery” (from chapter Water is Magic)

Water is the most common substance on Earth. Chemically, the water molecule is basically two atoms of hydrogen joined to one of oxygen. Simple. Not so simple.

For something so “simply” made, water is pretty complex. Its unique properties make water possibly the most important element of our existence and in ways most of us can’t possibly imagine. Without water no life form could exist. Water is a universal solvent. It transports all kinds of things from the sediment of the Nile River to the oxygenated blood cells in your arteries. Water stores energy and heat. It responds to and changes the properties of all manner of things … In its solid form, water has scraped out huge swaths of land and formed some of our largest lakes, dropping moraine in places and melt water from ice blocks elsewhere. In its gaseous form, water controls climate and weather.

So, what is water, really? And what does it mean to you and your loved ones?

Some see water as a commodity like everything else that can make them rich; they will claim it as their own to sell. Yet it cannot be “owned” or kept. Ultimately, water will do its job to energize you and give you life, bring beauty to the world, then quietly take its leave.

Water is magic. Water is you.


Water Is-pBook COVERThis article is an excerpt from “Water Is…” (Pixl Press) by Nina Munteanu

On sale worldwide May 10, 2016

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