Excerpt from “Water Is…”

Peggys Cove02

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia (photo by Nina Munteanu)

“Inner and Outer Oceans” (from chapter Water Is Communication)

The first time I visited the ocean—the Atlantic Ocean in Bar Harbor, Maine—I was five years old. I still remember the frisson of excitement I felt. What I didn’t expect was the incredible thrill of peace that accompanied it. You might think that is an oxymoron; but the ocean felt primordial, powerful and restful at the same time. It was vast, scary and comforting. And I couldn’t help being drawn to it. The rhythmic surge of oceanic waves and their dancing play with the light of the sun held my child-gaze for hours. It was the unknown, known. The unfamiliar, familiar. I was born in an “ocean”, after all.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, French scientist René Quinton revealed the striking similarity between the ocean and our own internal fluids, such as amniotic fluid. He proved that organisms had to maintain their “internal ocean” to survive, confirming a tautology: the need for an evolving organism to take the ocean with it. Quinton used marine plasma, harvested from a specific plankton bloom within an oceanic vortex, to help many of his patients overcome a variety of illnesses. Known as QMP, it is a living matrix rich in DNA, RNA, vitamins, enzymes, proteins, fatty acids, organic acids, and other biochemicals that scientists have yet to define.

Acting like an internal ocean, extracellular fluid bathes each cell of our body in a medium that allows organelles, nuclei and cell membranes to communicate and do commerce.


Water Is-pBook COVERThis article is an excerpt from “Water Is…” (Pixl Press) by Nina Munteanu, released worldwide on May 10, 2016. Available on Amazon and other quality bookstores.

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