Excerpt from “Water Is…”

pond near Upper Credit-close2

Pond of the Upper Credit River, Ontario (photo by Nina Munteanu)

“The Soul of a Wanderer” (from chapter Water Is Rhythm)

I’m a bit of a bohemian. A gypsy poet perhaps. I travel a lot and often move from place to place. I come by my itinerant lifestyle naturally: I’m Romanian. In truth, teaching and writing for a living has provided me with a lifestyle that allows me to wander and explore the planet, something I have always dreamed of doing from childhood (when I played “let’s explore” games with my sister). I realized after a while that I conduct a virtual checklist whenever I first move into a new home or residence. My wandering soul checks for three things: a diverse and interesting food market; a café with character and ambience with great coffee, of course; and a large park with water. During my most recent residence in Mississauga, I felt unsettled until I discovered and walked the length of the Credit River.

My spirit soars with a resonating lightness of being when I walk along water of any kind. Rivers and creeks in a forest are particularly magical. There is nothing quite like the sound of liquid water making its way along a landscape, with the commiseration of birds and trees. Flowing water is so alive and gestalt, dancing and laughing over the rocks, bubbling, gurgling, rushing and trickling.

The sounds of Nature that resonate with us stay with us and speak through us.


Water Is-pBook COVERThis article is an excerpt from “Water Is…” (Pixl Press) by Nina Munteanu, released worldwide on May 10, 2016. Available on Amazon and other quality bookstores.

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