Water Is…

water-is-cover-webThis book leaves me impressed. From science to science fiction, from philosophy to religion, from history to fairytale, the role of water is illustrated and illuminated. Water is probably the best investigated and least understood substance on this world, yet we still don’t know how to describe it in a better way than calling it H2O. This book tries to zero in on the missing part, the great unknown of water, and it does it in a very intelligent and charming way.”

Elmar C. Fuchs, scientist, WETSUS Program Manager, Netherlands


Elmar C. Fuchs is a water scientist and currently manager of the WETSUS Centre of Sustainable Water Technology in the Netherlands. He has conducted research into rare earth doped crystals and the floating water bridge as well as water structure and dynamics at Graz University of Technology and at WETSUS, showing an expertise in experimental physics and physical chemistry. He is the associate editor of WATER, a multidisciplinary journal and has authored and co-authored numerous publications in scientific journals.

elmar c fuchs

Dr. Elmar C. Fuchs

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