“it’s all about myopia”


Pebbles in water (photo by Merridy Cox)


it’s all about myopia

seeing only what’s in front of your face

taking for granted, feeling entitled, believing that

water is there to serve me

when in re-a-lity



Water is a living entity

with characteristics beyond fluidity

from frozen ice to cool wet to hot steam

and from space comes this invisibility


Water the living entity

heals you and me

slakes our thirst

washes our body

cooks our food

grows nutritious sustenance


Water has a language

you can hear it if you listen in a new way

it says, “chemicals dumped in

my ponds, pools, arteries, KILL ME.

When you Kill me, I can’t feed you –

we are dependant on one another

can you hear my watersong?”
–Honey Novick, June 16, 2017


Honey Novick is a poet songwriter who lives in Toronto, Ontario.

drops-ribleaf06 copy

Water drop on Hosta leaf (photo by Nina Munteanu)

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