Water Is…

water-is-cover-web“This elegantly written homage to water will surprise, educate and, hopefully, inspire us all to make better conscious choices about our use of this essential planetary asset. Author Nina Munteanu’s careful examination of this integral life element weaves through the physical, spiritual, and philosophical as she deftly reveals its impact upon us as well as our own troubling influences upon the water with which we’ve been gifted. This book will give the reader a greater sense of the integral nature of water and an understanding that its influence extends far beyond its mere presence or absence.”

Heather Dugan, columnist and author of Date Like a Grownup


Heather DuganHeather Dugan is a writer/advice columnist and voiceover/video talent who specializes in spotlighting the inspiring, and often humorous, elements of family, business and travel. She was finalist in both the USA Book Awards and the Indie Next Generation Book Awards in the Non-Fiction/Relationships category. She lives in Central Ohio.

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