Water Is…

water-is-cover-web“’Refreshing read for all those that thirst for more knowledge about water. Water Is….’ provides amazing insights into our most valuable element. As you read it your own relationship with water begins to transform. You develop an entirely new respect and perspective about something that perhaps you currently take for granted. I know that having read “Water is..”

I now look at water with a new curiosity and wonder. The depths and beauty of “Water Is..” are reminiscent of a waterfall, layers and layers of information unfolding and presented in a captivating way. Thank you Nina for introducing me to the majestic power of water. Your book is a wonderful resource for anyone that has a thirst to know more about water. A refreshing read!”

Susan Ksiezopolski, poet and author of My Words, a collection of poems

Susan-KsiezopolskiSusan Ksiezopolski is a  project management and change specialist. She has developed and delivers creative writing workshops across the GTA. Susan has published two poetry books and recently launched “The Writer’s Workbook, Free the Writer Within” a creative writing aid. In 1976 she was the recipient of the Bloor Collegiate Institute’s Writer’s Circle Writer of the Year honour, awarded to her by Marshall McLuhun. Susan was born in Italy and now lives and writes in the Toronto area of Ontario, Canada.

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