Water Is…

water-is-cover-web“When Nina Munteanu wrote “Water Is…” she dug deep into our world to show us the depths of our greatest treasure. The book gleams with chapter gems, reminding us how water affects us in every way. It’s almost as if reading this book becomes an incantation that magically links us to our past, present and future all at once. Because we are water, as Munteanu says, and without embracing that we’ll never understand the precious legacy of this earth.

As both a scientist and a popular writer, Munteanu is determined to make us understand and embrace our intricate and intertwined natures, and she does this with an entertaining and fascinating read. The world needs more books like this.”

—Craig Bowlsby, author of Empire of Ice, The Rise and Fall of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association 1911-1926 and 1913—The Year They Invented the Future of Hockey

craig bowlsby

Craig Bowlsby

Craig Bowlsby is a Vancouver author, playwright, actor and film producer. Bowlsby won the 2014 Brian McFarlane Award for outstanding research and writing. He wrote and produced several TV movies, including “Commander’s Log”, which aired on Space Channel. Bowlsby also competes as a professional fencer. He has written several science fiction stories that have appeared in Reality Skimming Press.

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