Water Is…

Water Is-COVER-webFor the Love of Water…

When Margaret Atwood recommends a book, you pay attention. Nina Munteanu’s Water Is … has earned that praise and much more. Water Is … is a timely treatise that answers any question you may have had about water, from its properties to its potential, from its tangible uses to its abstract benefits.

Munteanu writes about water and humanity and our role in commodifying this resource and the impact of that mindset. Water is … is an in-depth, compelling and passionate study of water, the world’s life’s blood. Though not a typical read for me, Water is … stirred my emotions and has made me a better steward of this precious resource.”

JP McLean, author of The Gift Legacy


jpmcleanJP McLean is the author of The Gift Legacy series. Reviewers call the series addictive, smart and fun. Her books include endorsements from bestselling authors, Elinor Florence and Kristina Stanley. The genre is contemporary fantasy. The series has been described as Fantasy Light and is a good introduction to the genre forThe Gift Legacy the uninitiated.

J.P. (Jo-Anne) McLean lives on Denman Island, nestled between the coast of British Columbia and Vancouver Island. Raised in the greater Toronto area in Ontario, J.P. lived in various parts of North America from Mexico and Arizona to Alberta and Ontario before settling on the west coast.



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