“And Brief Time Will Quickly Pass” a Poem by Bev Gorbet

Brief time will quickly pass us by:
Melodies and darknesses.
Brief reflections, sunlight and shadow…

The existential promise:
Eternity, passing lights, days in memorial
Majesty, fields swept along in the sighing winds
Mad soaring free wildernesses, harmonies,
The inconceivable order, the wonder, the mystery:
All the beauty in an unknowable universe

Bright awe and the majesty of bright moment,
Tenebrisms, most sacred days:
A sanctified contemplation;
The flame centered monologue…

Humanity will forget,
Humanity will ignore, humanity will lie,
Humanity will forget, humanity will deny,
And brief time will so very quickly pass us by.

Payne Line Road to Lost Lake in the Kawarthas, ON (photo by Nina Munteanu)

Bev Gorbet is a Toronto poet and retired school teacher. She has published several poems with the Retired Teachers Organization and most recently in “Literary Connection IV: Then and Now” (In Our Words Inc., 2019), edited by Cheryl Antao Xavier.

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