…what does water mean to you?

Water is emerging as one of the single most important resources of Planet Earth. Already scarce in some areas, it has become the new “gold” to be bought, traded, coveted, cherished, hoarded, and abused worldwide. It is currently traded on the Stock Exchange…

Some see water as a commodity like everything else that can make them rich; they will claim it as their own to sell. Yet it cannot be “owned” or kept. Ultimately, water will do its job to energize you and give you life then quietly take its leave; it will move mountains particle by particle with a subtle hand; it will paint the world with beauty then return to its fold and rejoice; it will travel through the universe and transform worlds; it will transcend time and space to share and teach.

Water is magic.

Water is you.

Water Is-pBook COVERWater Is…
Pixl Press
ISBN: 978-0-9811012-4-8
Now Amazon #1 Bestseller
and top recommended 2016 book by Margaret Atwood in New York Times

20 thoughts on “…what does water mean to you?

    • Actually, chemically speaking, water is not an element–it is a compound molecule made of elements (such as hydrogen and oxygen) in a particular proportion (as D.H. Lawrence said: two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen). You can call water a compound or substance. An element cannot be chemically interconverted or broken down into simpler substances, which water can be. However, many people do call it an element, using that term in a general unscientific way: as an essential part of something.


  1. Just got my copy in the mail and love it so far! I was so delighted and surprised and yet also not at all surprised to see the same Loren Eisley quote early on that I’ve used on my homepage almost since I first created my blog. He does sum it up very well doesn’t he? Will definitely be adding this book to my recommendations page and probably will refer to it in other posts frequently! Have you read “Sacred Water” by Nathaniel Altman? That, Phillip Ball’s “Biography of Water”, and “How to Read Water” by Tristan Gooley have made up my sort of water “scriptures”, and now I’m definitely adding “Water Is…” to that!

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  2. Glad you like it. I really enjoyed doing the research for it and telling my story with water too…I will definitely have to check out Nathaniel Altman’s “Sacred Water” … Do check my references to excellent water books throughout my book. You may find more gems on water there among Tristan Gooley’s and Philip Ball’s books…


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