Running Dry…

Inspirational and sound wisdom by Jane Seymour in a preview for “American Southwest: Are We Running Dry?” by Jim Thebaut.

Jane Seymour: “The global humanitarian water crisis is not only a security and economic issue; it’s a moral issue. We need a global revolution in our approach in education to empower ourselves and our children to think, to question, to act. Be a teacher and a student and inspire everyone around you through your example. It is within our power to transform ourselves. A few compassionate concerned citizens can make an immense difference for all of humanity. Take specific actions, impact the institutions in your life. Speak out regarding the crisis whenever the forum presents itself. Write letters and emails. Phone in questions and concerns and support enlightened candidates for public office. There are amazing opportunities available to each of us for creating a healthy planet right now.

It’s possible to have enough clean drinking water for everyone throughout the world. Each of us have our own purposes, abilities and skills. Ask yourself: what speaks to my heart. One thing we can and must do is to educate ourselves and those around us and inspire others. Enthusiasm is highly contagious. A small handful of people can change a nation and through it the world.”

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