Water Is…

water-is-cover-webWhat an astounding journey! The author uniquely combines the merits of a scientist with those of a writer with an artistic spirit. It is a joy to be taken by the insightful and elegantly written chapters to so many and so different scientists, philosophers, writers, artists and pioneers of wisdom such as Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, or Paul Feyerabend, who declared war on the dogma of the scientific method.”

Michael Jacobi, physicist, Institute of Flow Sciences Herrischried, Germany


michael jacobiMichael Jocobi is a scientist at the Institute for Flow Sciences in Herrishried, Germany. The institute, founded by Theodor Schwenk, author of “Sensitive Chaos”, carries on the work using the “drop picture” technique which photographically displays characteristics of water. The institute investigates the quality of our drinking water, groundwater, spring water, and river water.

"°[Jacobi co-wrote “Understanding Water” with Wolfram Schwenk and Andreas Wilkens.

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