Water Is…

water-is-cover-web“[Nina] is immersed well enough in water to tell us about how we should think about it. And the way she goes about it in this book is awfully good…A fine achievement.”

Joseph Planta, The Commentary, Vancouver, Canada




Joseph Planta is the founding editor of TheCommentary.ca.  He is also the host of the Planta: On the Line interview program, which since August 2004 has featured over 1100 interviews with notable individuals in politics, journalism, and the arts.

He began writing The Joseph Planta Commentary column in 1999, distributed via e-mail.  The column regularly discusses current affairs and culture, as well as also features political opinion pieces, occasional theatre reviews, and interviews.  In 2003, THECOMMENTARY.CA was created, featuring Planta’s column.  It is now the exclusive home of the Planta: On the Line program, which interviewed Nina Munteanu about “Water Is…”


Joseph Planta

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