Water Is…

water-is-cover-web” ‘Water Is…’ a must read. After reading Nina’s book “Water is…” I will never think of water the same way as I had before.Water is an essential element of life and so much more.Throughout the book the author takes us on a journey of Water with eloquence and allure.I highly recommend this book not only to Water enthusiasts but to each and every citizen of our planet.This book is factual,artistic,and poetic with beautiful photographs that will inspire and educate any reader. Water is….”

Sonja Vidovic, environmentalist and Radio host

Sonja Vidovic is an ambassador on the board of directors for water stewardship and sustainability at Passion Sea Canada, an international branch of Passion Sea, a non-profit organization devoted to sustainability and education on the environment. Sonja works with the Slovenian Linden Foundation at McMaster University and she is also a radio host for “Radio Voice of Canadian Slovenes”, CHIN Radio Toronto 100.7 FM

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